Less than a day away – The Wilds of Michigan!  Driving Distances to Mountain View Lodges in The Wilds of Michigan and FASTEST routes to utilize. 

The mileage listed is an approximate and the routes listed are just a suggestion.
We highly recommend getting off the beaten path to experience what the U.P. has to offer!

If you will be using Mapquest, do not follow their directions towards Ontonagon as they will take you out of the way.  We are located in Silver City just one mile East of the Porcupine Mountains.  Look at a map, call or e-mail for more accurate directions.

Ann Arbor, MI 570 miles (I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Appleton, WI 261 miles (45N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Cedar Rapids, IA 481 miles (various routes to choose from)
Chicago, IL 454 miles (I-90N/51N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Columbus, OH 761 miles (23N/I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Dayton, OH 766 miles (I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Des Moines, IA 549 miles (I-35N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Detroit, MI 586 miles (I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Duluth, MN 157 miles (2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Eau Claire, WI 253 miles (53N/8E/51N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Fargo, ND 407 miles (10E/210E/I-35N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Ft. Wayne, IN 652 miles (I-69N/127N/I-75N/2W/28W/64N/M-107W)
Grand Rapids, MI 539 miles (131N/31N/I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Green Bay, WI 233 miles (141N/2W/45N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Indianapolis, IN 638 miles (thru IL & WI) scenic route thru MI
Kansas City, MO/KS 745 miles (I-35N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Lansing, MI 526 miles (127N/I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Madison, WI 315 miles (51N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Milwaukee, WI 350 miles (141N/2W/45N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Minneapolis, MN 308 miles (I-35N/2E/28E/64N/107W)
Rockford, IL 379 miles (I-90N/39N/51N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
South Bend, IN 548 miles (thru IL & WI) scenic route thru MI
St. Louis , MO 667 miles (I-55N/39N/I-90N/51N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)
Toledo, OH 622 miles (23N/I-75N/2W/77W/28W/64N/M-107W)
Traverse City, MI 398 miles (31N/I-75N/2W/77N/28W/64N/M-107W)
Wausau, WI 175 miles (51N/2E/28E/64N/M-107W)

Airports close to MVL

Hancock, MI            CMX
Ironwood, MI          IWD
Marquette, MI         MQT
Rhinelander, WI      RHI

Ontonagon Cty. Airport     906-884-6214  if you have your own small plane