Chapter 1

So Many Questions…

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of hosting thousands of guests at our cabins on Lake Superior.   And this also means lots of questions.  We will begin by answering some of the basics right here.  We welcome your questions and comments.  Be sure to post your questions and follow the latest updates and happenings at

Are you from the area?  Many guests have wondered if we have always lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, more affectionately known as the U.P.  Did we grow up here and take over the “family” business?

Well, the answer is no.  Rick and I are actually from the Chicago area.  We have also lived in Colorado and Indiana.  While we have not lived in Illinois for nearly thirty years, we do still have family there and visit each year.

contact_familyWe have learned that the only “true Yoopers” are those who were born in the U.P.  But, there are many of us “transplants” who now call this little corner of the world our home.  After all, what could be better than having the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in our backyard and Lake Superior in our front yard?

We have five children and when we moved to Silver City, our two youngest were still living with us.  Kylanne, who is now in the Navy, was a junior in High School and our baby was in second grade.  Our children have all had their turns working in the family business.  When you visit these days, it will more than likely that our youngest will be the one who has prepared the cabin for your arrival.

We always look forward to meeting the visitors to our area and sharing all there is to do and see!  Many who visit for the first time don’t want to leave and cannot wait to come back again.