This is Part 2 to “Where does your daughter go to school in the Porcupine Mountains?” 17 and a half

Our baby will be 18 years old soon and we have been homeschooling for many years now.

This fall will begin Karsten’s Senior year.  A year of endings and beginnings.  She has only a few more subjects to complete before graduating and she has been doing quite a bit of thinking about her future.  She decided that she would like to go into Massage Therapy.  Yes, for all regular Mountain View Lodges’ guests, she will need guinea pigs during the learning process! This is a wonderful opportunity for her as she will be able to complete her High School studies and simultaneously complete her Massage Therapy training.  She is very excited about this next chapter of her life. She still enjoys reading, writing and photography and loves hiking with her friends in the Porkies!

Karsten Hiking August

This also means a new chapter for Mountain View Lodges.  We have had to add more staff to keep things running smoothly.  After all, we aren’t getting any younger and our “help” is growing up.  Over the years, we have had sons, daughters, nephews and friends pitch in to fill the voids.  But now, most have moved on with their own lives, college, jobs, family, etc.

Hiking August

But the new chapter means new possibilities.  So, here are some questions for you… What would you like to see added at Mountain View Lodges?  Would you be interested in a spa, massages, etc.?  A Fitness area?  Bicycles? Multipurpose room? Classes?  Or something else?  We always welcome your comments and feedback.  We continue to work to improve all that we have to offer each year.  So, please take a few moments and let us know your ideas!