Would we do it again?  Would we chuck our lives and move North to the Porcupine Mountains and run Mountain View Lodges?

Most days the answer is a resounding YES! Don’t get me wrong.  There are times when we wish for something different, or miss out due to the constraints of owning our own business.  For instance, our daughter had a baby a two years ago in June.  We would have loved to have been there.  But, can you imagine, she had her child during peak season?  What was she thinking?  We have had to miss some weddings, graduations or other events that typically take place in the summer months.  But the trade-off has been worth it.

Lake Superior at Mountain View Lodges

There is just something freeing about being in charge of your own destiny. Make it or break it you are at the wheel.  We say a lot of prayers.  We leave our worries on God’s doorstep and we work and do our very best.  On those days that are more difficult, we just have to remind ourselves what the alternative is.  Working for someone else, for less than we feel we are worth, most likely in an office with no view.  Here our office view is Lake Superior!  How can you beat that?  Since the business is more seasonal, we ride a kind of roller coaster.  We are crazy busy for about four months, moderately busy for about four months and very quiet for about four months.

This is one reason we started the Gallery. In the less busy times, we can focus our energy creatively which allows us to rejuvenate.  It also keeps us from becoming stagnated or bored.  It is quiet meditative work, except the chain sawing, of course!

Chainsaw carved pumpkins

Chainsaw Carved Pumpkins by Rick Varecha

Some of the blessings have been the fantastic people we have met along the way who come to love the Porcupine Mountains and Mountain View Lodges as much as we do. One summer we had over 17 countries represented!  People from all walks of life from all over the world make for some very interesting conversations.  And our little piece of Heaven holds some amazing healing powers.  It is rare that someone leaves not feeling more rested, relaxed and more truly joyful than when they first arrived.  And if you don’t believe me, just check us out on www.tripadvisor.com.  There is something very special about this greatest of Great Lakes, Lake Superior.

The good far outweighs the bad and we would most certainly make the same choice again!