So, how did you make it work?

Many people over the years have asked this question along with others such as; “Did you just leave your jobs?”, “Did you work in the hotel industry before you did this?”, “Weren’t you scared?”, “How did you know what to do?”

Let me start by saying that hindsight is 20/20.  As we look back over the twist and turns of our lives, we can see how we were led to just this place.  What started as a pipe dream on our honeymoon almost 30 years ago became a reality at just the appointed time.

“Did you just leave your jobs?”  The simple answer is yes.  “Did you ever work in the hotel industry before?”  The simple answer is no.  I have worked from a very young age for both my grandfather and dad.  Work was never a place you “went”, it was just life you chose to lead. Rick worked from High School on and supported himself from the time he was seventeen.  Both of us have lived with the philosophy my grandmother and mother always taught, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get it done”, whining is simply not allowed.

USA Map 1In the years when my children were young, I worked many different odd jobs that allowed for me to be home with them and still help make ends meet.  Most of these jobs were customer service and/or sales based.   Working the family business and other part time endeavors enhanced the skills I use today in operating Mountain View Lodges.

After Rick and I got married, we relocated from Illinois to Colorado and then on to Indiana.  Each of these moves bolstered the risk-taker in each of us.  Our move to Indiana placed us in the apartment industry for a time.  Leasing apartments and hosting events helped develop skill sets we use today.  Rick worked his way from the bottom at each job, everything from stocking shelves to selling the stock.  His hobbies included gardening and landscaping.  He has an eye for detail. This is noticeable in his photography, chainsaw carvings, each cabin and the Mountain View Lodges’ grounds.   I am more of a “big picture” person.  I believe that if I can think “it”, “it” can be done!  Our strengths complement one another.

Black Bear at Trough 1While Rick’s dream was to own a lodging property, mine was more to operate my own business.  The same year we found out that Mountain View Lodges was for sale, I had been planning to open an art studio in Indiana.  In fact, the Business Plan was written and I was looking for the space.  That Business Plan was quickly revamped and became the plan for Mountain View Lodges…all in the appointed time.  The timing did not belong to us.  We had just purchased our home two years earlier.  I had looked for the “perfect” house for nine years!  We had planned to live there for the long-haul, raise the kids, plenty of space for grandchildren, good location and room for all our artistic undertakings.  My mom lived with us at least part of the year after my dad passed away in 2000. This would be a huge change for all of us.   Much thought and prayer went into our decision.

Once the decision to move forward was made, it was time to seek financing.  We filled out piles of paperwork, submitted our Business Plan, and put our house up for sale.  We had made the offer contingent upon the sale of our home.  It all began in October of 2003. We expected it to take up to five years for the house to sell and the loan to be approved.

Imagine our shock when the bank came to us with loan approval without the sale of our home!  What??  They felt it was best for us to move up and begin with the ensuing spring/summer season.  So, this was it.  We were moving North.

We have all heard that “timing is everything”, the key is to be in tune with where we are being led at any given time.  Take the risk!  That is what makes life an adventure!