Did you used to stay here?  We get this question a lot!  And the answer is a resounding YES!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“On our way to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park to do some hiking of the more than 87 miles of trails, play at the waterfalls, see Lake of the Clouds and eve visit a Bear’s Den, we passed Mountain View Lodges.”  You may recall that this is how the Blog ended before the interruption.

Rick decided to stop and check out the “cabins”.  I, on the other hand, was not interested at all.  So while the kids and I waited in the car he went to take a look.  The cabins were all reserved, but they did have one to show that had not yet checked-in.  The next thing I know he is back at the car telling me, “You have to come and take a look!”  I reluctantly agreed.  Well, I waked in and was completely surprised.

Previously my only “cabin” experience was when I was a child and my family took a vacation in the northwoods.  We had to bring all of our own sheets, blankets, pillows, food, toys, etc.  We arrived at a rustic cabin on a little lake and my mom seemed constantly busy cooking, cleaning and anything else that needed to be done, and it rained the entire week.  So, while I do have the memory, it is not something I was anxious to relive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThankfully as I walked through the door of Cabin 106, I was greeted by something I had not expected.  Two bedrooms, full kitchen, comfortable living room, full clean bathroom, screen porch, deck and of course, a beautiful view of Lake Superior just 100′ away.  Needless to say, we were all hooked.  We made our reservations for the following year!

From that point on our vacation s were all to Mountain View Lodges and the Porcupine Mountains.  We fell in love with the area, the cabins and Lake Superior.  During our vacation in the summer of 2003, as we drove in from hiking in the Porkies, the owners, Becky and Gary, were sitting out front on a swing enjoying an iced tea.  Rick pulled up, rolled down the window, and said; “One day this is what I am going to be doing.”  Gary’s reply was; “Get out your check book.”  Rick said; “You would never sell this place.”  To which we were told; “We just listed it last week!”

That statement wrecked the rest of my vacation as we attempted to piece together a way to make the dream a reality.