Thu Apr 25,2019

Porcupine Mountains – It’s Been Too Long!

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I want to start by saying it has been far too long since I posted to the Mountain View Lodges blog!  Now, you may think that is because there is nothing new to post.  However, that is not the case!  Life has just gotten crazier for us each year!

Our family celebrated 15 years, this month, at Mountain View Lodges!  This got me to thinking about the 15 year increments of life.  The first 15 years are spent learning and being cared for by someone else.  The next 15 we begin to break away, start trying to figure our who we are.  The next 15 we live according to who we think we are. But it is the next 15 that really begin to teach us who we are and what we are made of.  Busyness doesn’t stop, but the focus changes to […]

Thu Jul 21,2016

Porcupine Mountains a Blog…

July 21st, 2016|Uncategorized|1 Comment

40 lashes with a wet noodle! Yes, I deserve it! I have been woefully lax in doing my blog posts for Mountain View Lodges… For this, I apologize. People ask and I continue to say that I will be writing soon. And then another week, month and even years go by… Where does the time go?

That being the question of the day, I will do a bit of a recap in this blog. We are currently in our thirteenth summer at Mountain View Lodges (MVL), Silver City, Michigan. We moved to begin a new life in the Porcupine Mountains and what an adventure it has been!

When we first came to MVL, Rick, my husband, planted some trees just outside of the space on the property we call home. Now they almost block the view at nearly 30′ high! In fact, […]