While one might think that we get bored in the Winter living on Lake Superior where the landscape slowly becomes a frozen tundra from Christmas through…who knows (but really just through March or so), nothing could be further from the truth.

2013 101We are very blessed to live a lifestyle that permits change as often as the seasons.  As our tourist season winds down by November or so (if you are looking for somewhere remote with cool temps and no people, but still the comforts of home, no time beats November).  By then our fall maintenance is in full swing.  We try to have everything wrapped up so that we have time for family come the Thanksgiving holiday.

December brings all sorts of holiday festivities just like the majority of people.  The Christmas play, advent, gifts, community Christmas Dinner and making sure we are prepared for winter.  For the last several years, the Porcupine Mountains Ski Hill has opened in mid-January.  This year, the ski hill management changed hands.  The Hill is now being operated by the Gogebic Community College Ski Area Management (SAM) program.  The change brought a new enthusiasm as the SAM team began during the fall color season giving chairlift rides to the top of the mountain.  What a glorious view!  For those who are not skiers this was a time to get a glimpse of the majestic views the winter folks have always known.  The hill was well groomed and the staff very excited about being part of the Porkies.

Rylan SweaterSkiing and snowmobiling runs from December 1 through March 31 depending on weather and conditions.  This is typically the time we work on items for the Gallery.  Although not much chainsawing can be done, fusing glass, dying silk, and working on knit and crochet projects keep our hands busy.  You know what is said about idle hands!  While most of the work is for the Gallery we have to make time for some family exceptions.  This year we have a new niece and these pieces were done for her.

Rick has been busy with new nightlight designs that are amazing!  Be sure to stop in the Gallery to check them out. And there is always the moving of snow!  This pic is for all the Cabin 101 lovers – there is no going there in the winter!

As the Lenten season approaches we have the Easter production and spring cleaning.  As the snows melt we are busy preparing the cabins for the arrival of our long-standing guests and those whom we have not yet met.  We endeavor to have the property much like a present all wrapped up with a big bow for your arrival!  And this may surprise you, but it seems to take us longer to do things each year…it couldn’t be that we aren’t as quick anymore… Also, it is time to get back to the Blog – The View from Here – And once again I will be answering questions, so if you have a question you would like us to address, be sure to visit us on Facebook and ask away.  You will also be able to keep up with the latest photos.

So, what was that about being bored?  Not a chance!  And as far as we are concerned it beats that desk job any day!  Can’t wait to see you…